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Everyone knows the big names and movies that have been nominated for the coveted golden statue. Whether you agree or disagree with the choices, one thing is for sure - sometimes the other categories offer better entertainment in a shorter amount of time. The Best Short Film (Animated) category for example has quite a selection of the genre to satisfy the pickiest of critics (myself included). Below the nominees (and prediction).

Director Max Porter’s and Ru Kuwahata animated short film is an endearing look at the relationship between father and son - one that is based on the ideas of effective packing for traveling. The stop-motion technique is very effective creating the imaginative world that cherishes the bond the narrator has with his father. In a genre where almost everything is computer animated, 'Negative Space' relishes in the detail and patience of storytelling a heartfelt poem. This is the first nomination for the Porter and Kuwahata.

From a short film based on a poem to a love letter. Directed by acclaimed Disney animator, Glen Keane, and scored by Oscar Award-winning composer, John Williams, this Oscar® nominated animated short embraces Kobe Bryant's love, affection, and wisdom of the sport. There is no doubt that Bryant's name already stands among the legends of basketball with his 20-year NBA career, but this animated short gives film audiences a look at what it all means to him: not the glory of the challenges but as he puts it his "body and soul". The hand-drawn animated film carries Keane's imagination, a Disney legend on his own, that embodies some of his work in "Aladdin", "The Little Mermaid" and "Pocahontas". His direction and contribution with Bryant make this short unique to the collaborative process and the passion they both still feel about their respective work.

Computer animation has come a long way. To the point, I paused the short film to admire the detailed of the frogs and toads in this hilarious short. These green fellas are of all different colors and sizes but with one idea in mind: to take advantage of the grand leftovers of a party. The ingenious amphibians run free through a lavish mansion that reveals many delicacies and outlandish items. But not a host, or human to be seen, that ultimately carries a sinister underlining of what seems to be nothing but an innocent garden party. Seven minutes of fun that will have Kermit the frog looking a bit greener out of envy.


From the official trailer ‘Lou’ has all the mechanics of a Pixar animated film. Brilliant colors, and setting that will grab the viewer’s curiosity. After all what is Lou made of? As he swishes through the screens impersonating may of the lost and found items left in a box. An intricate chameleon that will have the kids (in the audience) laughing all the way.

*’Revolting Rhymes’

This is not your usual fairy tale(s). The short film is based on Roal Dahl’s classic book presenting six well-known stories with a twist. Red Riding Hood is not a helpless little sheep, but instead just as sinister as the wolf who murdered her grandmother. The studio behind 2010’s ‘The Gruffalo’ is at the helm of the creative and sordid tales.

Animated Shorts are always fun to watch, and include in one’s ever growing digital film collection. Every nominee here is a winner, and here is hoping that any or all of them spark a full-length film. My prediction goes to ‘Negative Space’ due to the technique behind the film, classic and such a memorable way to redact a nostalgic memory.

The films are available to stream, or to watch at a theater near you. For more information visit the Shorts TV official page.

*’Lou’ and ‘Revolting Rhymes’ were not made available before the article’s deadline.