Oscar Spotlight: ‘Watu Watu/All of Us’ | Short Film (Live Action)

Oscar Coverage | Review

The Oscar Short Film (Live Action) category is filled with surprising stories. One of them is 'Watu Watu/All of Us' a collaborative effort between the Hamburg Media School and Kenya based on a true story. The riveting tale is a reminder that people, no matter what religion, are still kind and human.

The story follows Jua, a Christian woman, living in Kenya about to embark on a 31-hour bus trip to the Mandera County in 2015. The tension between Christians and Muslims are high at the time, so much that Jua blames every Muslim for the loss of her husband and child.

During the taxing trip, the bus is stopped by the violent group of Al-Shabaab who are looking for infidels in the bus. Katjia Bethrang and Tobias Rosen excel at capturing the true face of humanity and the driving forces behind a religious conflict. In the end, the former wins in the face of adversity and terror. Without a doubt an Oscar-winning story and film.