Oscar Spotlight: ‘The Eleven O’Clock’ | Short Film (Live Action)

Oscar Coverage | Review

When it comes to the Short Film (Live Action) category there are many intelligent, poignant and very creative shorts. ‘The Eleven O’Clock’ by Derin Seale and Josh Lawson is a comedic masterpiece. The simple tagline might not be fair to fully describe the laugh-out-loud short. A psychiatrist desperately tries to help one of his patients who believes himself to be the doctor.

The appointment itself proves to be more than problematic as each man pursues a line of questions, approaches and methodology to uncover the ‘fake’ doctor. One does not have to be familiar to identify the lingo used or the situation that both men places themselves into. In the midst of all this, a temporary secretary who along with the audience scratches her head about the situation at hand.

The more each man takes a turn at each other to identify the patient who suffers from grand delusions, and a possible personality disorder. The dialogue is delivered with great comedic timing and hilarious one-liners, which all soon reveal the culprit - surprisingly not whom you would have expected. My vote goes to this little gem from Australia full of wit and laughter at just 13 minutes of total running time.