Mission Statement

Everything has a direction. Cars go one way, or both. Rules are set to be followed. Stocks in the market go up and down (up is always better). This site follows one too. The idea with most blogs is that the writers, or authors, have freedom, authority, and ability to write about any topic. In any direction, any format and perhaps using any language (whether is appropriate or not). Freedom is there, for marcoswrites.com, a space to celebrate films: from reviews to interviews with directors or actors. The occasional recommendation to movie-binge-watch during snow storms, blue Mondays or whatever excuse the reader has to do so. Opinion pieces that expose a certain idea, right or wrong, that spark a conversation with the audience. The reviews within 500 words or so - after all, who has time to read more than that these days. No stars, no letter grades, and maybe a like or dislike emoji on Instagram in the near future. The content herein has one task in mind: to give the reader an unbiased overview of the film and let him or her decide whether or not it is a good option to go watch at the movie theater. That is how this blog will accomplish its mission.

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