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The Oscar Short Film (Live Action) category is filled with surprising stories. One of them is 'Watu Watu/All of Us' a collaborative effort between the Hamburg Media School and Kenya based on a true story. The riveting tale is a reminder that people, no matter what religion, are still kind and human.

AP Photo/ Hassan Ammar
AP Photo/ Hassan Ammar

The category itself has an array of incredible films but Doueiri’s ‘The Insult’ might resonate the most with Oscar voters, and audiences alike, because it takes on the powerful meaning of words - which easily translate into different point of views. Even though the film can be seen as a Lebanese story, the dialogue and the circumstances may well fit into any culture or part of the world, as the director explains.

When it comes to the Short Film (Live Action) category there are many intelligent, poignant and very creative shorts. ‘The Eleven O’Clock’ by Derin Seale and Josh Lawson is a comedic masterpiece. The simple tagline might not be fair to fully describe the laugh-out-loud short. A psychiatrist desperately tries to help one of his patients who believes himself to be the doctor.

Everyone knows the big names and movies that have been nominated for the coveted golden statue. Whether you agree or disagree with the choices, one thing is for sure - sometimes the other categories offer better entertainment in a shorter amount of time. The Best Short Film (Animated) category for example has quite a selection of the genre to satisfy the pickiest of critics (myself included). Below the nominees (and prediction).

A Quiet Place (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

The latest 'A Quiet Place Trailer' is here and now audiences, and fans alike, can see a little more on the story. A pregnant Emily Blunt, a bunch of kids in danger, and completely unseen but terrorizing monsters (or aliens). What gives? And the tagline: "Those who have survived live by one rule: never make a sound". Watch the new trailer for #AQuietPlace, starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. In theatres April 6.
Mr. Shamberg scoffed at the idea that academy voters "think meta about a film to send a message." He added: "There's no lens for Trump that anybody is voting through in this category. The Oscars do celebrate filmmaking, and it's very rare that the best ones don't win out."
Cara Buckley / Nytimes

The tumultuous love story between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey comes to an end. For a trilogy based on the coveted novels by E.L. James that attracted everyone’s attention due to the sexual landscape it depicts; it all ends without a bang if you excuse the pun.

Words are powerful. At some point or another everyone has been in a situation where your words either hurt or applaud another one. The latter is commendable but the former often is an unacceptable human error. Director Ziad Doueiri brings a story that clearly exemplifies that ideology with ‘The Insult’.

The 'Insidious' franchise continues with 'The Last Key' - per se. The film is a prequel in which demonologist Elise Rainier is front and center. She is the force behind the demonic investigations in the previous chapters and now audiences will get a full scope of her character. The film loops back to 'Insidious 2' at some point but it is an entirely new plot.

The holiday season often brings movies that are serious (Oscar contenders), awaited sequels (in a galaxy far, far away), and good-hearted silly films. Pitch Perfect 3 is the final chapter of the Bellas that fits in the latter. That is not to say is a bad film, in the contrary, it has many laugh-out-loud moments and musical scenes.

The Pitch Perfect trilogy is undoubtedly part of pop culture. Anna Kendrick (Beca Mitchell) and company have become pseudonyms with the world of Acapella. Everyone knows what it stands for and connect them to the tune of the cup song. This time around, the film follows the college winning Bellas who face real-world challenges: jobs, life aspirations, love and more.

A Quiet Place (2018) - Official Teaser Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Perhaps the scariest trailer to hit the social media universe so far. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt star in this thriller/horror flick. The trailer is minimal but will give you chills for days. The idea that silence is an instinct for survival is a good setup. The sequences are something out of a Hitcock film where everything is quiet and serene that suddenly reveals something deeper. By the way, John Krasinski is at the helm of "A Quiet Place", so it can only be a great collaboration between husband and wife. Check out the trailer.